Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yay For Hair Cuts and Showers!

Sunday was a good day for Lara.  Well it didn't necessarily start off that way.  She had refused some of her medication and refused to wear a boot she has to wear on her left foot (to keep it from becoming inverted and then the chances of walking are less).  By the time "the sisters" got there she seemed to be in better spirits.  We had a "little chat" about the medication and wearing the boot.  She seemed to understand, for that moment at least.  On the weekends there is only one day that is considered an easy day of therapy and then a day off.  Since she had therapy on Saturday, she had Sunday free.  James Harris from Sugardaddy's Salon came and gave Lara a hair cut.  He brought the salon to her.  So great, thank you Tim and James.  Lara's hair was so long, it was just one big knot half of the time.  She got a cute bob.  She loves it.

We did a couple strolls through the halls (well, we strolled, she rolled).  At one point she even said, "Come on guys let's go see what we can see."  That felt good.  It's those moments that we are having to cling to for now...the "Regular Lara".  Overall it was a good day.  We laughed we cried.  As good of a sister time you can have under the circumstances.

Monday not so much.  She did wear her boot (it is a BIG square, heavy, dark green with yellow-y cream fur, and did I mention heavy?) and take her medications so I guess the talk worked.  She was a bit cranky and frustrated.  (Ok...I know we all would be at some point right?)  She didn't get to finish her afternoon therapy because she was having such pain in her left leg she had to have an ultra sound to make sure there was no clotting.  Nope, no clotting.  One of the doctors explained that through this phase where she starts to regain some of her senses her sense of feeling is overwhelming.  Or as Lara would put it as Mom was putting her sock on, "Ow!  You're tearing off my toenail!"  So just a smidge sensitive.  She was having excruciating stomach pain at one point.  So much so that she was shaking.  She seemed better after a "Lara pill" (that is what she calls vicodin).  She was not interested in strolling the halls or much of anything else.  When I left in the evening, she seemed just overwhelmed with emotions.  Frustration, aggravation, depression, grief, sorrow.  That was at dinner time.  I think she got news that she may get to take a shower in the morning...I know that would lift her spirits.  First one in 29 days.  It's the simple things that seem so gigantic.  Yay for showers!  (You didn't know you were so blessed to be able to take one whenever you wanted did you?)  So like I've said before, we are in the emotional battle of this process.  I know she will overcome it.  ("Rocky" theme playing here.)


  1. Lara, Your hair looks GREAT! James did a nice job, you are lucky to have such a talented friend, and a loving family! sounds like they are taking good care of you! Love you Lara! Hugs Brenda

  2. It was very nice of James and Tim to bring the Salon to Lara. She was trying to grow her hair out long for Justin and her wedding in April 2011. James made her feel so much better by reassuring her that he could weave something for her if she wanted just for her wedding! You could see the relief in her demeanor and relaxation in her face. What a great moment in an upside down month for Lara.

    Make the chance to stop by Sugardaddy's in downtown Port Orchard and give James a big hug!


    James and Tim... Thanks for loving Lara!

  3. Lara you look really beautiful (Im not just saying that) and healthy a good sign that your getting exceptional care and a complete recovery is on the horizen ....as far as I'm concerned your hair always looks awesome!!

    Love you so much! Billie

  4. Laura you are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story! I continue to pray and sent good thoughts your way~!!

  5. the short hair is sassy!
    and if you want a weave for the wedding youll be in perfect wedding trend.

  6. What a great haircut you got. I really like it. I think it is the perfect length for a wedding...not too too long, not too short. It can be styled casual, sassy, and elegant. You are so lucky dear Lara. And even luckier with the great fiance and the loving family. Big hugs to you...........

  7. Lara, your AMAZING!!! Your soooo beautiful & such a wonderful person!! I am so glad to have had to joy of meeting you!! Keep up all the good, had work! Stay strong & Positive....

    Kimberly Cates

  8. Your hair looks very cute and We are praying for you.
    The Woodrow Family