Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do you feel a breeze?

Lara had what I would call a good day.  It being Sunday there is no PT.  Ahh, Sundays the day of rest.  That doesn't mean there wasn't anything happening!  She is getting stronger with each day that passes.  It is fun to see the nurses who haven't seen her for a day or two come back (some on shift and some when they are off just to see Lara because they like her) be surprised at how far she has come so quickly.

Today, we lost some meds, a catheter and we turned the drain off!  That's right, the drain for her ICP (inner cranial pressure).  If Lara can maintain and regulate it then she maybe losing the sucker tomorrow.  If she struggles, then by Tuesday the shunt goes in.  I know, I know, I have talked about that a few times.  Well that step is so big.  Not just because it takes a tube out of her head...ok that in itself is a big deal, but she will be able to move to a new room! (This is the really cool part of the roller coaster where you get the woo-woos in your tummy).  So many things a new room represents.  More therapy (bigger gains in progress), more likely chances of a shower (one of her current dreams), possibility of a view other than the windows into the next building over (on the other side of that building is a great view of Mt Rainier), closer to wearing some resemblance of a piece (any piece) of clothing (another current dream of hers), and of course the MOST important closer to her being to a place that her nieces can visit!

So yeah, the drain is exciting.  Or really it is the lack there of.  I have to say though that most of the day today, ummm let's say 95% of today's conversations and interactions were the real deal.  The real Lara.  Very little hallucinations or weird conversations today.  She ate pretty well too.  At dinner she ate a good 75% of her meal.  Poor mean old sister makes her do it herself.  You know she had that nurse feeding her her lunch.  Yeah, Lara, she milks it when she can!  She did all of her breathing treatments and she did them well.  When she did her left side moves her bicep curls were better too.  Although you all would probably laugh at the amount of movement, but really considering, she has gotten better.  She even got in a leg massage and a little back massage.

Her being so aware is so relieving.  But at the same time she is now getting much more self conscious.  She said it best today, "So you just want me to be lay here pretty much naked."  She wants to put on at least some pajama bottoms, but the nurses still say not yet, since she can't walk to make it to the bathroom.  She is really getting self conscious about bodily functions and what is showing.  Let's be honest, aren't we all in those gowns?  But I guess self conscious is a good thing.  That just means she is aware and is in reality.  So for now, we will enjoy those breezy little gowns.  Because when those are gone, that too will be a sign of progress.


  1. Your so awesome keeping us all up to date....what an amazing family Lara has...luv Connie

  2. Lacy you are a great blog writer! Thanks for all your work on this. Very great to know what to pray for and you make it funny too. Lara is blessed to have you for a sister. And if others are writing too, tell them they are awesome too.

  3. Some great news in your blog, just what the Doctor ordered - Jane :-)

  4. So glad to hear she's making so much progress!!!!

  5. Yay for Lara, Thank you Lacy for keeping us all up to date. I look forward to reading Lara's progress.