Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moving again?

What a day!  We got news this morning about Lara's ct scan from last night.  Her not feeling on her left side and not responding well to the neuro test was kind of disheartening.  It is hard sometimes to stay faithful to what you truly believe will be when there are bumps along the way that make you question.

The doctor came in this morning saying he did see a hematoma (which is to be expected, oh, and that is basically like a bruise), and since Lara's brain was swollen, it is now slowly healing and the swelling is going down.  So with that happening the blood that is there from the rupture (which caused the hematoma...or bruise) and her regular cranial fluids are moving and shifting.  All of this to say, everything is ok.  It will take some time but hopefully the "bruise" will completely heal.

So, phew.  She's ok.  She is so ok that she wiggled her left toes today!  Dad was with her this morning and it is ever so slight of a wiggle.  So much so that if you saw it, you might think you didn't see it.  :)  Yep, that is a confirmed wiggle people!  She did it again tonight.

Lara is also officially admitted into rehab.  Who knew you could be moved to the rehab floor, be in a rehab room, but NOT be in rehab?  So we moved again a whole two doors down.  NOW we are in rehab.  What a crew!  They mean business over here and we haven't even met the therapists yet.  Everything is very structured and scheduled.  (Like all things should be.)  Lara will be having three different types of therapy, speech, occupational, and physical.  Each morning she will get her schedule for the day at breakfast.  Which by the way will not be in her room.  All meals are eaten in the dinning hall with the other patients.  Remember I said it is more nursing home style here.  Of course for the first few days there will be extra watch on Lara since she can only use her right hand and has a limited field of vision.  But no special treatment for her!

During the week her physical therapy will be "upstairs in the gym." (I just nodded like, "Well of course."  Did anyone else know that hospitals had a gym floor?)  You would think on the weekends they would do like us folks that live on the outside do.  Relax, sleep in, drink a cup of coffee and read a great blog.  Oh no.  Up and at 'em and they just do their physical therapy around here.  Hence the man in the open back gown and the red socks cruising with his walker with the tennis ball and the lady next to him yelling, "Heel, toe, heel , toe, heel..." and he really was cruising.  Reminded me of some kind of speed walker with a walker.

Occupational therapy will also be coming.  Well and doing occupational things!  Washing, brushing, getting dressed getting undressed.  Until you are in a situation like this you really don't think about alot of the things you do on a regular basis.  You just grab the tooth past to put in on your toothbrush.  Well watching Lara yesterday just pick witch item was the toothpaste to use it was an eye opener.  It took so long just for her to figure out what tube or container was what, much less actually grabbing it to use it.  Just that brain, vision, hand coordination thing has to be retrained for her.

Speech therapy won't just be working on her speech, but also swallowing and mouth movements.  All three of these therapies will be happen twice a day for 45 minutes each time.  I'm tired just thinking about it!


  1. WOW...things are moving fast....and we are so glad to hear this...

  2. Oh boy....hang on.....with as tired as she is and tired as she gets it is going to be tough for about the first 4 days. Then she will start giving in to get them out of her face. But progress will be made and she will love it once she can see it for herself. Give her hugs please............Trena

  3. This place is amazing! I have had a few friends rehab at St Joe's and although it is no picnic, you come out a lot stronger. Good Luck Lara you are just the kind of gal to do this!
    Love from us..Jims and Jannelle