Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Messages and THE VORTEX

Many people have been asking where they can send a card for Lara.  There is a link that you can use on the hospitals website to send Lara an "emailgram".  They print it off and send it to her room.


For right now that is what we will use.  There are some other support and encouragement things happening.  I will let you all know when everything is together for those as well.

Thank you all for your encouragement not just for Lara but for us as well.  We all are definitely having to find some kind of crazy balance.  If you can even find balance on this ride.  Right now prayers for Lara's cranial pressure are needed.  No scare.  Over all she is doing good.  Ideally we want this drain out and her brain to regulate itself for the cranial pressure and fluids.  Tried some today, no success.  But will try again tomorrow.  Pray for the rest of us too.  We are all trying to incorporate some "real life" back in.  When all we want to do is sit with Lara.  It's so easy to get sucked into this hospital vortex.  I promise I only got here an hour ago when I have already been here three.  Then oops, in 15 minutes that three hours turns to ten.

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