Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Fond Farewell

What a day!  So much happening.  Lara did some early morning therapies and even sat in a chair for a good long while this morning.  It makes her so tired just to sit in a chair.  Before her surgery to put her shunt in, she had gained small amounts of mobility on her left side.  Since the surgery that mobility gain is now gone.  Pretty much no movement on the left side.  The doctors and nurses say she should gain that back.

Lara slept a chunk of the day away, and since the latest surgery she doesn't have much of an appetite.  Before dinner Lara got to take off her head dressing!  She even got to wash her hair with real shampoo and conditioner.  She now has two bald spots.  A big square on the front left side, and a big chunk on the back right side.  She keeps worrying about it and we keep telling her don't worry James can fix it.  Finally today she told the nurse washing her hair not to worry about it, "my James will fix it."  Lara's hair has gotten pretty long.  So after that washing there was a good hair brushing going on.  Her head and neck are so sore and tender it took awhile.

That is some good news to take that head dressing off.  But nothing compared to LARA MOVED ROOMS!  Lara is now in inpatient rehab.  Originally they told us at least 21 days in the Neuro ICU.  And that's if she was doing well she could move at day 21.  Yeah, it's day 18.  It was neat when we left ICU.  Nurses in other rooms poked out to say good bye.  She was a favorite up there.  Those nurses are great, like a little family that helped us through a crisis.  Now we move and will only be back to give our thanks and to visit, not as a patient.

Lara is now in a whole other building too.  It is more like a nursing home style, than hospital style. (If you can call those "styles".)   Pale blue walls, a bathroom with a bath and shower, a wall of windows with a view.  Yeah, she's livin' the good life.  With all of this going on she got a little cranky towards the end of the night.  We have to encourage, persuade, and coerce her to eat.  She is just so tired.  We saw the old Lara.  Even if she is a little short tempered with some, it is nice to see.  I love her telling mom to back off her food.  It's the old Lara.  Only a few hallucinations today.  There seems to be less the past two days.  But they are still there.  Her hand in the air on her phone.  Conversations to people who aren't there.  "Mom move this bowl."  Where there is no bowl.  But they are fewer and farther between.  We definitely know too that those things happen more when she is so tired.

Now what to expect?  We don't know yet.  She moved after the regular dinner time and had a late dinner so we will see more tomorrow.  It looks like there is more of a schedule on this side.  Because she will be doing more therapy, they have designated times.  Early morning therapy, breakfast, morning therapy, lunch, afternoon therapy, dinner, visitors and free time.  Sounds like a boot camp.  Kinda.

Some have already asked about coming to visit her now that she is out of ICU.  I know a lot of you want to come see her.  Give her a couple days to get situated to the new atmosphere and her new work schedule.  Yes, it is work.  She is still sporting the breezy gown and she is a little self conscious of it.  After this weekend we will probably have a better idea of what times and how often visitors are allowed.  I know it will not be during therapy times so she can focus on that.  They want her to use her energy to strengthen herself and to relax and visit after she's got a good workout in.  So keep praying, and sending those words of encouragement.  She is getting there.  With all of your help, God's grace, and a swift kick from her therapist, she WILL get there.


  1. Praise God! So glad to hear about Lara's continued improvement! Thank you for keeping us up to date with this blog! Still praying for Lara's health and her family's strength to hang in there for the long haul. Its what family does for one another and ya'll are doin a great job! Big hugs to you all. :)
    Sarah D.

    She is in our prayers all the time!
    Sending hugs, Kira,Eric & Brady

  3. Okay, I have to say this--your title for today's blog scared the pee-waddin' out of me. I cried and cried when I read the farewell was because she left ICU. Sheer teers of joy rather than sadness. Way to go are amazing and pushing through everything. Keep going gal. Maybe we should all get empathy hair cuts to match Lara's design! Big, huge hugs to Lara and to the family. - Trena

  4. Sounds like progress to me! Hang in there. Excellent writing Lacey. Thank you.
    Love Aunt Terry