Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lara has gone green

Lara did some of her regular therapy this morning and sat in a chair a good while.  She didn't get to eat all day because of the surgery being in the evening.  As part of her "therapy" her tv in her room was put on the food network channel.  Thought maybe that would help her mental game being hungry and tempted and not giving in to temptation. :)

Dr. Brown decided it was time to put the shunt in Lara today.  She wasn't consistent in regulating her own inner cranial pressure so Lara had surgery at about 5 pm today.  The shunt is just a tube that goes from her head to her stomach (all of this is inside so you will never see it) that drains the fluid that we all naturally have between our brain and skull and basically lets her own body reabsorb it.  So Lara has officially gone "green" and can recycle her own fluids on a regular basis.

It was never really said amongst Lara's groupies, but there may have been a little nervousness in the air while we waited.  (Again, have I mentioned I am not good at waiting and how it is genetic?)  This being Lara's third trip down, going under, and nothing like confirming those airy worries with a pastor coming in to give a prayer and blessings (they did that last night).  We all really started to get antsy when this hour or so procedure (depending on what type of anesthesia they had to use, getting her under and wake up time) turned into almost two and a half hours.

Dr. Brown did say that it went ok, but her left side is not doing as well as it had been.  Back to not much movement on that side again.  (Ah, no worries, we'll gain it back.)  We finally got to see her back up in her room about 8:30 pm.  She has the big white wrap and netted cover over her head, but no intubation (thank goodness).  She did talk a bit to us.  Regular Lara!


  1. Great News! Hopefully that will be the LAST time Lara will have the "surgery" visit. She will be on the move soon! Hugs to all! Brenda & Bill

  2. thinking of you guys everyday, we love you
    the boys, J&T

  3. As always, my thoughts and prayers go out to all of you