Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Cough, Cough"

Lara did some more OT and PT today.  Each thing she is trying to do she gets a little better at.  More movement to brushing her teeth, lift her left hand off of her head, took a few more scooches.  These things just exhaust her.  So while she snores, I type.  No really, she's full on snoring.  But don't tell her I shared that part, she probably wouldn't like it.

She did get to eat some french toast this morning.  Three cheers for actual food!  Still no to the lemon lime happiness.  I think when she can actually drink the stuff I may just provide it for her for life.  Who doesn't want a little happiness every day?

One of the doctors did talk to us about the hallucinations Lara's having.  She called ICU psychosis.  Being in such an exhausted state, but still not sleeping, one can find themself in this place between reality and almost like dreaming.  Lara has been doing a good amount of that.  She called to Rowyn (who has not been in this room at all).  I told her Rowyn wasn't here.  She said, "Oh, I was going to tell her to come up here with me."

She did some of her breathing treatments for her pneumonia.  Part of it is to get her to cough really hard.  I kept telling her, "Come on Lar, you gotta cough hard to get that gunk out."  After a few tries of getting her to cough she finally looked at me and SAID, "Cough, cough."  That Chavez since of humor is still there.  She kept asking if she needed to go to the front desk.  When I asked her why she would need to do that she said, "To check into this hotel."  Oh sweetie, this is no hotel you wanna check into.  She was so adamant about it I finally did call Justin so they could talk on speaker phone.  Poor guy had been here all day and night yesterday and had just gone home to sleep and shower before coming back.  But she was serious.  Sometimes it's just easier to "move that box off of her bed"  than to try to convince her there is no box.

She still has a fever.  Can't seem to regulate her temperature.  I'm sure that will come when the pneumonia is gone and her brain is healed more.  So for the rest of us sitting in this room we bundle up.  Lara is in bed with ice packs and cold wet rags and we are sitting next to her with our two shirts and a jacket.  Dad even wore thermals the other night.  At night it gets super cold.  But as long as it helps Lara that's all that matters.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.  Keep em coming.  Marathons are not just physically draining, but mentally and emotionally too.  But they are so much easier and more fun with company.


  1. Sounds like forward steps! We are so glad she is improving! Hugs and Prayers for everyone! Aunt Brenda & Uncle Bill

  2. Is there somewhere I can send a donation to help them out?

  3. Jess that is being set up right now. Should be ready by mid next week.