Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ok, Let's do it!

Lara was scheduled to be seen by the Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist this morning.  Before that was happening, nurse Sarah (who by the way is the best nurse EVER!), came to give her her meds as scheduled.  Lara decided she wanted to get up and Sarah said, "Ok, let's do it."  So BEFORE OT and PT were even in the room Lara had her legs to the side of the bed and was in the process of getting ready to sit in a chair. Now keep in mind when we say this, it is not how you or I would sit up in a bed and swing our legs over, stand up and get to a chair to sit down.  She is assisted and struggled.  But she did sit in the chair (while belted for support).  She would stoop to the left (remember this is the side that she is having an extra hard time with due to the aneurysm being on the right side of her brain), and mom and Sarah would tell her to pull herself back up.  Lara would try by reaching with her right hand to push herself over, but still needed help.

While sitting in the chair the speech therapist came and did her "swallow test".  Apparently there is a process of thickness of things for her to swallow.  She started with ice chips and the therapist would feel her throat to make sure she was swallowing.  She has moved through pudding to "honey thick" and has even had "nectar" a few times.

Mom got a few pictures of her sitting in the chair so we could all rejoice and celebrate a huge accomplishment.  As mom was showing me Sarah said, "Remember that, embed that in your head because in a few weeks there will be such a big difference."

Lara is sleeping now.  She has needed some solid straight through sleep.  She must be pretty comfy...she's snoring.  :)  Praise God for snoring.


  1. Lara and family please know that Larry and I are praying for you all. Lara, keep up the good work. We know that GOD will do his part too.
    love to all
    marta & larry

  2. My heart has a heavy, HEAVY burden for my sister Lara. Thanks so much for sharing this blog!

  3. I am so proud of her determination - it will be so helpful to her in the future. My husband had an abdominal aeorta anuerism - and I know the struggles that come with the recovery. My heart is so with Lara and all of you. I am in constant prayer for her recovery and the peace and comfort for all of you. Let me know if there is ANYTHING that I can do for you. God is sooo good and has brought Lara this far and will continue to restore her health.

  4. This blog just about made me cry! I'm so happy shes doing well! And the snoring part made me laugh!