Friday, November 5, 2010

The Roller Coaster has begun....Lara style

All of the doctors and nurses keep telling us about the "roller coaster" ride this will be.  Lara will be progressing well and making progress, and then she will digress.  Well this morning she wasn't responding like she had been. Not wanting to even really try.  There were some other signs that were cause for concern as well.  So her doctors decided to take her in for an angiogram.

For those that don't know what an angiogram is they send in dye into her vessels into her brain and the dye makes it visible to see if there are any vasospasms.  The concern with the vasospasms are essentially, it is a stroke.  The vessel walls of the blood vessels collapse constricting blood flow.  Day 4-11 are the highest risk days of this happening.  The risk will continue to be there even after day 11 but the chances of it happening does decrease with each day that passes.

A couple of things about this morning.  Lara has been doing so well, that to see her go back a little bit is a little worry some.  But then to see the doctors and nurses get...I wouldn't say frantic, but they were "busy beeing" about and pushed two other patients out to get her in for the angiogram; was a little scary.

If they saw it was needed they would perform the angioplasty or directly inject the drugs to the area.  So then we wait...I hate waiting.  I'm not a good waiter.  It's genetic.  They told us two to three hours.  Less than two hours later, Lara was back in her room and is intubated.  The doctor came and told us the results.

No angioplasty needed.  (sigh). She had a ct scan earlier this morning, and they did another one just before she went in for the angiogram.  Comparing those to scans that were about two hours apart there was no change.  Which for us, is good.  There was fear that raising her blood pressure and her not responding to it, had caused damage.  No damage done.  :)

So now we have leveled out from that scare.  And we prep ourselves for more of this "roller coaster".

Sorry if we take you all too on this up and down ride the next few days.  We get scared and we panic.  But then she takes baby steps forward and we get excited.  So consider yourself on this roller coaster too.  Arms up!


  1. It gets down to a day at a time, a minute at a time. Know that we all are waiting and praying with you and Lara. He is holding her gently. We will ride the roller coaster with you (although I don't like roller coasters:).

  2. I woke up this morning with a cold so I am going to stay away, don't want to make anyone sick. I will be praying hard from home! Love you all, thanks for the updates!

  3. To dearest Lara....hang in there you wonderful, amazing young woman. You are absolutely incredible. It is a hard fight back, but by golly you are the one to do it. Go Lara, go!!! To the rest of the family, your strength and love that you are imparting to Lara through all of this is one of the big reasons she is taking these steps forward. I pray for all of you. -- Trena Hewitt

  4. Lara doesn't know me but I am her friend Kristel's Step Mom. Just wanted you to know that I am reading your updates. Lara sounds like she is one extremely strong and determined young woman who won't stop fighting until this battle is won. JAne xxx

  5. To Lara and all of the Chavez family and friends. We love Lara and have so many great memories of her life. Lara, we all are praying for your complete recovery and know that so many prayers have gone up to Heaven that God will grant all of the requests for your recovery. We love you with the love of the Lord.
    Chuck Palmer