Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lara's Fashion Fundraiser

What girl doesn't love fashion?

Maria Byrd is not only a great friend of Lara's but is also a local CAbi consultant who is having a fashion fundraiser this weekend!  Friday December 3 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Saturday December 4 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

Never heard of CAbi?  CAbi stands for Carol Anderson by Invitation.  It is a line of designer womens clothing (but not designer clothing prices) that has something for everyone.  The designer Carol Anderson used to sell her clothes in Nordstrom until 8 years ago when she started CAbi. Sizes are 0-16 (some run big and fit up to 2x) and XS-XL.  You can check it out and browse here.


So how do these great clothes help Lara?

All of the proceeds that Maria would normally earn she is donating to the "Lara Chavez Trust" donation account that helps with the cost of Lara's overwhelming medical bills.

You can come by to try these clothes on!  Maria has a whole collection displayed waiting for you to see them in person and even try them on.  Just email me at omarathonmom@gmail.com and I can give you directions.

You DO NOT have to attend the event to order.  All you men out there, Christmas is coming and your lady needs to look great (and you know you hate going to the stores).  And ladies, what are you wearing to those Christmas Parties?  Ladies you could make it easy on him and just give him a wish list and let him choose.  Do you need help choosing that color for your lovely lady or not sure what size she is?  Are you wondering ladies if it is clingy to all the wrong places? 

Place orders and/or ask questions by calling or texting 360-551-9600.  Or you can email pinksparklycape@live.com

If you go to the website and just order it will NOT be included in this fundraiser.  All orders need to be in by Tuesday December 7th.

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