Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I need a business card

Tuesday you saw we tried to let her brain self regulate the pressure of fluids in her skull.  Not ready for that yet.  That's ok, we can wait and keep checking it or reality is she could have a shunt put in to permanently help her.

Lara sat in a chair yesterday for about an hour.  Worked some on that left side, bending her wrist, lift her knee, raise her arm, and bend her elbow.  She did minor movements with those, better than nothing but not complete movements.  I did get to pull up a stool while the therapist left and just sit and chat.  There are moments she seems to be completely coherent and aware of the situation.  Then at other times she starts to see things that aren't there, or talk about things that don't make sense.  Sometimes those moments can be sweet and endearing or funny.  Other times they are a little scary and sad.

I asked her if she got to eat anything after I had left the night before and she said, "Yeah, Justin made me pasta."  I just appeased her, as her dinner consisted of ice chips and a drug cocktail straight up.  Through out the day she was very concerned about Justin.  "Call him I want to know where he is right now."  Poor Justin was in trouble and he didn't even know it.  She didn't remember if she "had told Justin to meet me here, or at dad's."  Justin was coming after work and they were "going to go to newlife."

She tried to rest, but again, no one goes to a hospital to catch up on their sleep.  PT came and the big moment of trying to take a step.  The moment the rest of us were all dying to be there for.  Lara was so exhausted from sitting in the chair earlier, she had no interest in trying to get up again.  PT kinda made her.  She took a mini of a mini shuffle and let everyone know she was done.  So maybe another time when she's better rested.  She even said, "Mom, I'm so tired.  I haven't slept in a week."  So true.

I've mentioned before the neurological tests they do with her every two hours to make sure she is aware.  During this they pretty much ask the same questions each time.  Where are you?  What year is it?  Why are you here?  Occasionally they will add in something crazy like; what is your middle name?  This could annoy anyone.  Yesterday after a neuro check she says to Mom, "I just need to get a business card."  "A business card, why?"  "To just give to them when they ask me those questions."  Well, she may be on to something.  I'm sure the other patients on this floor would trade a cup of sprite (lemon lime happiness) for a personalized business card of their own answers.


  1. Oh how sweet the business card thing is.....what a concept. And reality from her for what is going on. Incredible. Some steps of progress are just so small, and then others are just huge. She is amazing. Gotta love her!--Trena

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated in your whirl wind ride.....everyday is different but the same...she is strong and has a strong support system...we think all you guys are great and you are all in our prayers....