Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Magic Cup

Just got this message from Lisa (Lara's oldest sister...the REALLY old one :) ),

"This afternoon Lara said, 'Mom, I'm hungry.' So Sarah, (being the awesome nurse she is) ordered up some grub! Anything she eats right now has to be the "honey thick" consistency (remember the swallow test results from earlier today) So we had a chicken broth that looked like cold gravy, a thick milk looking stuff, coffee (tar) and the "magic cup".  The Magic Cup is a orange yogurt looking stuff that was frozen.  Texture like ice cream but packed full of nutrients.  The Magic Cup was her favorite.  She said it, 'feels good.'  I think she liked the cold smoothness because she moved it around in her mouth quite a bit before she would swallow it. The broth she would eat, but when I asked her if she liked it she just shrugged her shoulder. She had a few bites of The Magic Cup, followed by a couple of the broth.  Then repeat. Apparently she didn't think I was doing a good enough job of keeping her chin and cheeks clean so she snatched that napkin out of my hand and did it herself. We just laughed and said 'Alright then.'"

I had to keep reading this after a multitude of thoughts and emotions...God continues to amaze me.  And I know He will continue to do so!


  1. Yay for real(ish) food!!! You're doing an amazing job Lara! Praise God for all of your progress! I know there's a long road ahead, and a lot to accomplish but each step you take is getting you closer to that finish line!

  2. God is so good! The progress being made is amazing. Lara, I love you. Keep us the good work.

  3. Oh Lara... I love you so much... with all that has happened you are still you! Awesome God!