Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wanted you to SEE it too!

What a great day Lara had today!  Talking with her physical therapist today she was saying that sometimes throughout the therapy there are some peaks and plateaus.  Last week Lara seemed to be on a plateau in terms of some of her physical progress.  Well this week looks like we are climbing a peak.  (Did you hear me tellin' that mountain to move yesterday?)  Today Lara went up and down stairs!  She learned how to use her strong right side and a rail to get herself up and then down.  Of course it took a long time, and with lots of rests (or distractions is what we would call them :) )and the help of two therapists, but she did it.  Lara also walked longer than she had been with her cane and with NO railing.  Holy guacamole!  All in one day.  And I'm not done there folks.  As though that wasn't enough, she made cookies in OT today.  Cracked the egg herself, one handed like the Incredible Hulk (and the therapist picked out some of the shells).  Read the directions and followed them.  Even got to share them.

We found out that Lara is slotted for another day pass for Sunday.  We had a tentative discharge date for next week that has been requested to be extended for two more days.  Not because she needs more care, but because these past two days she has made such good progress, they want to extend that growth as long as they can.  We will find out later this week the actual date.  She has a special wheelchair ordered for her and her brace for her left leg.  We have been prepping at home getting ready for her.  Bars, transfer seats, and a ramp.

Just wanted to let you all in on a quick update.  So you too could SEE "that mountain is moving from here to there."

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  1. I have a 4-footed cane and a brand new (hardly used) pink walker. Lara is welcome to use it as long as she needs it. No use buying when she won't be needing it for very long.

    Jim & Jannelle