Monday, December 13, 2010

Move Mountain Move

Oh my, has it really been a week since I last gave you an update?  Umm time flies when you're having fun? :)

Physically we are making some good progress.  Lara has used a cane to walk a few feet.  The therapist has to still help on that left side.  But even that left side is getting better.  We are looking for more strength and stability in that leg.  Her knee still wants to collapse and balance overall is still a big issue, but there is no doubt that there is a big improvement.  Lara can also transfer (move) herself from her bed to her wheelchair.  A little unnerving if you are not prepared for her to do it, and yes there have been a few over or under estimation of where the seat actually is.  She has gotten what the nurses call "impulsive".  She has done something once or over estimates her ability and then two days ago she slid out of her bed.  So we are now kind of "on watch".

She has gotten better at doing somethings one handed like putting her shirt on and off.  Of course the goal is still to get more mobility out of that arm.  Her squeeze is stronger, but still not much extension in those fingers.

We are still trying to balance her medications.  Trying to help decrease some of these hallucinations.  Sometimes she is aware of her hallucinations, sometimes she's not.  When she is fully awake and alert she is pretty good mentally and emotionally.  She still has bouts of melt downs mixed with laughter and irritation.  Her speech therapist said sometimes that happens with brain injuries.  It's like a leaky faucet.  You or I can turn our faucet of emotion on or off, but Lara's has a leak.  Whether or not over time if there is more healing  of her faucet or not we will have to wait and see.  Some of her cognitive abilities have improved as well.  She has read a few sentences.  She has to be reminded to look ALL the way left.  Her left vision is still impaired.  She is also better at things like telling time.  Not perfect on these things, but better.

We are now allowed to take her down to some of the other floors with the cafe and little store, or down to the cafeteria.  One day she went down to lunch with Mom during peak lunch time.  She had ordered a sandwich and by the time Mom had wheeled her to a table she was crying.  "I need two hands to eat this sandwich."  Mom tried to reassure her she could cut it smaller for her.  But to no avail.  Lara was full on overwhelmed.  She didn't want people looking at her, still crying, but now hysterically.  So Mom took her upstairs and they ate their lunch in her room.  Since then we have gone down a few more times when it is not quite as busy, but still has people there just to start easing her in to more social situations.  She did good.  Even ate a little down there.

And the moment you have all been waiting for...Lara got a day pass!  (insert stadium crowd cheer here) Yesterday Lara was allowed to come home for a few hours.  We brought her home and hung out for the day with just the family.  It was good to see her in a home environment.  It also gave us a slight taste (ok more of just a flavor) of what it might be like when she does come home.  There will obviously be some big adjustments.

It's funny how small that last sentence is because the details between those words are so many and so BIG.  They seem to all run through my mind at one time and I look back that sentence and it is so small.  (It doesn't really carry the weight I guess).  "...if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move.  Nothing would be impossible."  I am faithful in God and His healing of Lara.  I am also faithful that God is not only healing Lara, but those of us around her.  Like I've said before, sometimes God is more concerned about our hearts than our physical body.  So..MOVE MOUNTAIN, MOVE!


  1. WOW....what a big week....just remember where you all were about a month ago and see how far that mountain has moved.....inch by inch.....:)

  2. CONGRATS on the day pass Lara! (stadium cheer inserted here:) So very glad to hear of your continued improvement! To you and your family; DON'T GIVE UP! God is holding you in His very capable hands. You are touching so many of us with your courage, determination, and the grace in which you persevere. Love and hugs to you and a Merry Christmas!
    Love, Sarah Dowlen :)